Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Where have I been?

It seems there are folks out there wondering what happened to me. I'm sorry. I really wanted to be here with you guys, laughing, sharing stories, etc.

Instead, I've been dealing with this:

  Pay no attention to my tiny living room The point is, it's trashed.

Girl Scout cookies are in.
That slimy puddle there? Silly putty. Same stuff my 5 woke up with in her hair a few months ago. I banned it from the house but it just keeps showing up.

 These things are EVERYWHERE. And what's more, I found an unaccounted-for box in the upstairs trash. HOW did it get there? WHO did it? And WHY didn't they share with me?

Going up? Not likely. My kids have created a pretty good Death Trap. 

 Hi, Ma. We're home from school. Let's just dump all our crap here while we scrounge for Pop Tarts and cheese.

I decided to make Valentine's for my 9s class this year. I saw a really cute idea on Pinterest and tried to create my own version.

Yes. That is absolutely my stove top. I live in the world's tiniest house and there's not a lot of room for crafting. Not when the rest of my house looks like a refuge for crap.

After much deliberation, two trips to the store for candy and tons of stellar craftiness on my part, my 9 informed me, "Hey Mom? We can't have any peanuts in class because of allergies. These candies have peanut butter in them."  
[you probably heard my scream through your computer screen]

So we did this instead.

And what could two 5s, a 4 and a 3 get into while I was downstairs rocking my craftiness? THIS.

Thanks for helping with the laundry, girls.

So yeah. My hands have been a bit tied the last day or so. Today should be a bit better.

Well.... this just happened, so maybe not.

 There was an explosion of tears from the 3 after dumping this everywhere.

 Elle's words to her 3: "There's no use crying over spilled milk."
And then Elle jumped and clapped her hands at the sheer joy of being able to use that phrase.

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Children are a plague! Like giant locusts!