Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Quick. I've only got a small amount of time before Gary gets in his truck and starts to operate it.

Any tips on how to go back in time and not press the odometer thingie that normal people reset in order to track gas mileage? I filled up his truck after I drove it all over the back woods and when I did, I reset his trip tracker and as it was clearing, I realized it hadn't been reset for several thousand miles.

La de da... hm hm hmmm.. filling the truck. Let me just reset AH! Why is that count so high? WHAT IF I RUINED HIS SECRET MILITARY TRIP-TRACK? What if it activates auto pilot and this thing takes off again?

I thought of a few options:

  • Reset both trackers and drive the truck around the block several hundreds of thousands of times
  • Buy a new truck with the exact same mileage count as the truck he currently owns
  • Pull a Ferris Bueller and prop the truck up on blocks. On second thought, there are a lot of kids in the neighborhood. Don't want to give them any ideas for their teen years.
  • Cop to the fact that I may or may not have compromised a secret military mission
  • Blame Elle

I'm leaning toward option 2. It just seems to make the most sense.

I'll let you know how it goes.


Gary said...

Haha! I must have missed this one. That is hilarious! But seriously though, you sent the code to launch the missiles. My Commander wants to speak with you...

Unknown said...