Thursday, February 16, 2012

Furthering my Education

As some of you know, I recently applied (and was accepted!) to the local community college (I know. I am SO totally proud of myself for getting into this very exclusive school. The prerequisites are tough, man! High School diploma required. Thank goodness I decided to pass on the whole drop-out phase that swept my high school and instead honed in and passed with a B average. Imagine what could have happened if I had studied. Those state schools would be knocking my door down!).

I digress.

Elle and I applied to the school, paid our application fee and yesterday our schedule of spring classes arrived. I was flipping through it this morning and was amazed at the variety of classes available.

Should I take Biology? Look at all those English classes (most of you are nodding your heads right now. I can see you)! Wait, what is this? Management classes. Huh. Cooperative Work Experience. I could have used that class back when I was running the restaurant. Rather, my crew could have used it. I'm willing to bet a quarter that you guys wouldn't guess half the crap those kids used to argue and fight over.

How come she gets to scrub the equipment legs and I have to wash the wall? It's so unfair!

Usually, I responded to that complaint with an additional chore, like requiring them to bring their own toothbrush from home to scrub the urinal. Those pumice stones are overrated.

Anyway, again. Back to the brochure of classes. Power Utilities? What the heck is that? Electrical System Components. Hm. Bo-ring.

I looked through the physical education portion and my eyes landed on Individual Sports. Can you imagine the training for those? "C'mon, Me. You can do this! Thanks, Me. You're such a positive influence."

Reading? What in the he-- Wouldn't you think that Reading would be kind of a pre-requisite for college level classes? For that matter, wouldn't you think it would be a pre-req for first grade?

After that, I pretty much slapped the book closed and decided (from my head) that I wanted to take photography, writing, art and ASL (sign language). Cool. Now that I've got a schedule full of "electives," when do the real classes start?

When I say so. That's the beauty of being an adult in her, ahem, thirties. I do what I want, when I want.

Ooh, look. Baking classes!

Dude, I'm never going to finish college.


Lisa Field Thunborg said...

Sounds great!! Have you had your transcripts sent and reviewed yet??? A councelor should let you know what you need and don't need. You would hate to take more classes than your need. CONGRATS THOUGH!!!!

landafield said...

Meh, the elective classes make it fun...some of my favorites: ceramics, art of japanese tea (1,2,3), sailing, surfing (sadly had to drop that one as I was sick the first 2 weeks and of course german. Later I tried cantonese for fun, where I reinforced that languages are just not my thing.