Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Grilled Cheese Grill

This past weekend, Elle and I dragged Mumsie and the girl children to Portland. We decided to hit Target (no sales tax!) and then take everyone to lunch at the Grilled Cheese Grill.

We kept the lunch a secret in order to make the day special for the kids. After a lot of shrieking, chasing each other through Target, needing to use every public restroom with 2 miles and basically driving everyone insane, my mom really started to get mad at Elle and me and asked us to set an example for the children.

When we finally found a place to park (YOU try parking an SUV on a street made for a hand cart) we released the kraken kids and entered the lot.

This place is actually set up pretty neat. There's a covered area with picnic tables and they cook the food in one of those silver airstream trailers.

This is totally not my photo, since we went for lunch. I (stupidly) forgot my camera. Speaking of which, if anyone has seen my little blue Canon, please tell me. My mind is lost and it's not funny anymore. I miss that little guy.

This (also stolen) photo is of the bus. How cool is this?! We ate on the top deck and since our entourage took up the entire thing, we felt like royalty. Especially when Elle yelled out the window "I'm your Grilled Queen, Biatch!"

~*~*~*~ I swear to you, I'll be fun to hang out with again one day. Presently, I'm applying for financial aid to attend a real live college this fall (which will cause me to be surrounded with kids half my age), battling dehydration (apparently, it's dang hard to just drink a glass of water), trying to get all the kids acclimated to their new environment, dreaming about beach vacations, and a host of other crap that only affects me. Dear reader(s), I will one day spew forth humor. Until then, you'd better not freaking abandon me because unlike YOU, I did my stalker homework and I know where all of you live. I'm not above driving to your houses and reading poetry.

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