Monday, February 27, 2012

This is the Complaint that Never Ends


I don't even know where to start.

Let's just use bullet points from last evening in hopes that you guys will cut me a little slack over here with the whole sporadic posting (GARY).

  • Water Park Style bath time complete with splashing, tidal waves and ugly flip flops
  • Baby falls down stairs (relax, she was okay. I guess. She wasn't my kid. And it was only 3 steps)
  • I met my new neighbor. Unfortunately, she was returning Elle's fat-butt cat and happened to be present when the toddler catapulted down the steps.
  • The local Sheriff showed up in my driveway. Elle and I were freaking out because we were certain that the new neighbor thought we were child abusers and called Child Protection Services on us. Turns out, he spun his lights a bit and took off.
  • Tumbling Toddler slipped and crashed her face into the bath tub, bleeding everywhere (on account of all the flipping water on the floor). And into the computer screen. And tripped over air and fell on the ground. (After typing this all out, it seems as though we don't do our job very well. Nah, this kid is 19 months and VERY accident prone)
  • My house is a mess and I can't find the phone book to call for Housekeeping Help. That means I'm going to have to do it all by myself. I love cleaning, don't get me wrong. I just don't love re-cleaning the same crap every 4 hours.
So. In the spirit of complaining, which is all I seem to do lately, I am going to go and try to make sense of my day.

Also, Elle has this in the freezer (compliments of Rawr) and I am going to steal it.
Is this cool, or WHAT?!

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