Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Make no mistake

I pretty much made it until 8pm before feeling obligated to jump on here and confirm that yes, I live in an alternate reality where there is no Valentine's Day. I'm not bitter and alone. I'm selectively happy. Plus, I totally got the best card from Mumsie. Gary and Elle are clearly the lesser-liked of us kids.

Let's take a look-see. 

(Oh. Gary's at our house, which means he hasn't technically seen his card, but do you honestly think his is better than this?)

Oh. Sorry. Petey got in the way.  

In case you can't see, the card says,
"Whether we're talking
about the latest news,
family events,
or just updating
one another
on the
day-to-day happenings
of our lives,
its so easy
to love a daughter like you."

Aww! Mumsie. [sniff] I love you, too!

Here's Elle's card.
Freaking cat. Apparently the camera strap is a cat toy. 

You'll notice her crappy handwriting where she took a pencil and scrawled "favorite" on the front. I would never deface a card from my mother. 

Told you. Mumsie likes me more.


BunrattyBroad said...

My favorite part about this? Is that Momily made "hysterectomy" possessive.

Unknown said...

It was late. I had to Google the correct way to spell "hysterectomy."