Monday, February 6, 2012

Crap From Elle's Mouth

In the spirit of having a lot going on, I thought I would dazzle y'all with my sister's Facebook Updates from the past few weeks instead of attempting to come up with something on my own and possibly spraining my brain:

  • I am SO churning my own butter right this minute
  • I've watched my step-cat chase a light beam on the garage door for half an hour. I wonder how much longer before he knocks himself unconscious, or if we'll even be that lucky.
  • I'm going to kill that teapot.
  • So a semi just breezed past me in the carpool lane...
  • Today feels like a day for possibilities. It's possible nothing could happen. It's possible a lot could happen. It's possible that I'll be content. It's even possible that I could break out in uncontrollable laughter at any given moment. It's possible I've tipped over into the "crazy sector". I wonder if that means I'm in a good mood.. Bless you, life.
  • I came home to find 4 brand new pairsof Irish socks. And a note from my sister, reprimanding me for my hobo feet. Only 23 pairs left to purchase. (those of you who don't know me -at all- I only wear Irish socks. All year. They wear out. My sister is the greatest.
  • I love it when my coffee mug has poorly written words matching the song playing in my head upon waking. My sister is awesome.

Those last two I just included because she talks about how awesome I am. In case you didn't know. Except that you did, because I just told you.

Anyone ever eaten lunch in a bus? Tomorrow, I'll be back to tell you all about it. 


The Great and Powerful Blogz said...

Bus food is good food.

The Great and Powerful Blogz said...

Unless that bus happens to be located underneath a bridge, and is actually a van.