Friday, April 27, 2012

Sneak Attack

Sometimes I like to risk good friendships for the sake of laughter.

The League had planned a tentative get-together last night, but Shenanigan had class until ten, Elle got home late from work and Rawr maxed herself out on sunshine and was suffering from a slight sunburn. Me, I was crashed out on the couch cruising the interweb for BBQ recipes. Well, I was between recipes and Facebook. Mostly Facebook. Okay, entirely Facebook. The recipe site was just a rouse.

Rawr was also on Facebook.

Rawr: Did your sister forget the fire log?

13 hours ago · 

Me: She has retired. Let's plan on a night later this week. Or midday.

13 hours ago · 

Rawr:  I figured. I'm beat as well

13 hours ago · 

Me: Wait, that Biyatch is on the porch! Sneak out and scare the crap out of her!! DO IT.

13 hours ago ·  ·  1

Rawr: lol that is so mean

13 hours ago · 

Me:  And she'll never know it's premeditated until tomorrow when she logs on FB. Unless she's out there on her phone. Then we're screwed. I'm sneaking around to your porch. Meet me out front. We'll get her.

Rawr: Ok do it

12 hours ago · 

What actually happened was this:

There is a video. Rawr has threatened to take my life if I post it on the internet. I am trying really, REALLY hard not to.

But I really want to.

I knew that I'd never make it out the back gate without Elle hearing me, so instead I decided to enlist my sister's help in scaring the crap out of Rawr.

Elle hid behind the fence next to Rawr's yard, I met Rawr on her porch and when we walked past on out way to "scare Elle," Elle jumped out and grabbed Rawr.

We made it up to her. We fed her wine and cheesecake.


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