Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Dry League

Last night there was a meeting of The League.

Well, there was supposed to be a meeting but no one had arrived. At 9:45pm I hopped on Facebook and shot Rawr a message.

HEY! We might need more booze. I can't find my Sips. Did you freaking drink it all while I was out of town, woman?! 

Rawr replied almost immediately.

 um no we only had 2 drinks each
16 hours ago · 

Crap, then. I messaged back.

Well, in all fairness... I didn't even look. 
16 hours ago · 

I hoped she wouldn't be upset that I accused her of stealing my Pirate Bay.

16 hours ago · 

Nope. She's not mad.

Next, I attempted to track down Shenanigan.

I can... alllllmost see in your windows. What are you doing?
 ·  · See friendship · 16 hours ago ·

Hm. No response. Doesn't she keep her Facebook account open at all times like I do? Weird.

Text. We are coming for you.
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And then my phone rang.

It was Shenanigan and she was very close to whining as she explained that she was trying to wrap up her homework for a poetry class that she felt the need to torture herself with. I offered to help but she knowingly turned me down with the promise of calling us when she was done (because I am terribly with poems).

She didn't miss much. Rawr showed up soon after I started posting things on my Facebook page like "Rawr picks her nose." Here are the Top Secret Minutes from our meeting:

  • Google instructions for making alcohol-filled water balloons
  • Possibility of using Tequila instead of vodka when making Jell-o shots
  • Booze cupcakes: a how-to
  • Rawr has a dark secret that involves her mom bribing her with 4 shots of alcohol. Rawr wouldn't do it, but she stole the shots anyway. Note: Get that secret out of her if we have to make her drink a Bathtub of Gin
  • Cat crap and fleas
  • Rawr's desire for a Japanese baby
  • Elle used my Minutes Sheet as a shopping list: Beer, butter and creamer
  • Dry League meetings suck

Shenanigan never made the meeting because after she finished her homework she got called in to work.

I'd like to think that is she was there, none of us would have fallen asleep on the couch.

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