Friday, April 6, 2012

The Return of Moi

I'm back.


I think I have a head cold, Elle's motor nearly burned up on account of her NEVER CHECKING THE OIL IN HER CAR, and I can't find my Big Camera.

On the plus side, I spent an hour sitting on a windswept beach this morning with nothing but the crashing waves of the ocean and my lonely, tumbling thoughts.

And some guy that I swear was taking photos of me, but every time I looked his way he would drop the camera and mess with the focus.

If I see my face out there on some Ocean Internet Porn Site, I'm going to be SO MAD.

I met a dog that eats Lemon Poppyseed Muffins. His name was Ozzy Ozzbum.

 I went to the Goonies Rock!

 Um, I saw this in the Target parking lot. Are you as FREAKED out as I was?!

 An octopus tried to fight me. Luckily, it backed down before I had to Get Real With It.

 Check it out. A 25 lb. lobster! That was kidnapped. And then died. Aww. :(

Yeah. Those are sea lions. My camera focused on the wrong thing. Kinda like I do sometimes. Heh.On the plus side of me branching out and doing new things, I totally fed tiny dead fish to the sea lions.

 If you look incredibly close, you can see a red dot in the middle of this photo. I was convinced it was aliens. Finally, I decided it must have been a neon fast food sign way up in the middle of the woods.

But, today on the freeway, I was pretty sure I found the alien UFO. Way to the right were some really funky looking black clouds. I'm almost certain that this UFO had something to so with them, so I took a photo.

 What. I was going 75 in a 65. I didn't want to crash my car. It was bad enough that I was trying to capture documentation of the UFO on the road.

 My peaceful Internet Porn Site. Too bad I didn't take a photo of the guy. Then, the joke would be on him, amiright??

 SWEET bedspread. I tend to be incredibly thrifty and my hotel decor reflects that. And so does my backache. Next time, I'll spend the extra $40 and save myself some discomfort.

There was a short period when I walked past the mirror and FREAKED OUT. Bedbug? It's a bedbug. I didn't bring any spray, or a net. IT IS GOING TO EAT MY FACE. Hey wait.... it's a ladybug. Whew. I almost overreacted.



Mor-Mor said...

awesome, Miss Em and I sure hope you found your camera....I think that guy thought you were so beautiful there on the beach that he had to capture a picture of you....Maybe he will try to find you......

The Great and Powerful Blogz said...

My favorite is the clouds. I love that you took five days for yourself though! Even if five days seems a little excessive when you factor in the kids.How come you only documented two days though? And how come most of that comes after you saw the clouds with the light? I know what you mean though. Sometimes five days feels like two, and you don't even remember being gone the other three...

Unknown said...

Blogz, how come you keep trying to convince me that I was gone for 5 days? Because.. oh. I get it. Aliens. Nice.