Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Smattering of Nothingness

Random asinine things that make me go Hmmm:

  • When I worked in the fast food industry and someone would order a cheeseburger and then get pissed off when there was cheese on it. Or that it wasn't a fish sandwich. Or that they didn't get any fries, even when I tried to round out their order by suggesting a combo. Because everyone knows that "just a cheeseburger" really means "with fries and a coke."
  • Rawr never has a Facebook status. Just a random post of a photo or a quote.
  • After lying in bed for 12 hours last night, only about 6 of that was spent actually sleeping. The rest was frittered away worrying about my kids, the incessant rain, what the cat was doing under my bed (eating the rug?), how I'm supposed to send my 5th grader to middle school next fall, and the weird noise my washing machine is making.
  • I called about a brand new trampoline listed for $100 on Craigslist today only to find out that the guy's brother played an April Fool's joke on him by posting that ad. There was no trampoline. Just about 80 disappointed callers. I kind of wish the guy would post his brother's address.
  • Facebook can really host some white trash people. No one I know specifically, but rather a friend-of-a-friend kind of deal. Who posts all about the intimate details of their life for the world to read, and what is more, who does that and has friends that take sides and turn it into a Jerry Springer episode?
  • The song Somebody that I used to Know (Gotye) is very catchy, but the video is very bizarre. And I can't get it out of my head. 
  • I'm 32 and I'm just now beginning to figure out what I want in my life. Apparently I spent my 20s in a fog. Now that it is lifting, I'm discovering that I have missed out on a lot of things. And with 3 kids to raise, there's not a whole lot I can do about it right now.
  • No matter what, there is always going to be someone out there that will not allow me to reach my goal. Half of the time, that person is myself.
  • I have recently branched out and started wearing articles of clothing that aren't the color black or 100% cotton. And I now wonder if I looked like a Ginger Witch all those years and whether or not that's the reason Gary says I have no soul. 
That's about it for today, folks. When I finally decided to get up this morning, I immediately regretted spending the last week doing grown-up stuff and wished that I had planned a practical joke for Elle on this April Fools Day. If I was really on my game, I would have done something for Rawr and Shenanigan as well. Then again, Shenanigan is taking Rawr and I on an adventure tonight and neither Rawr or I have a clue as to what it is we are doing.



Mor-Mor said...

oooh, have fun tonight....

The Great and Powerful Blogz said...

When she drops you two alone in the field, don't worry. Just whatever you do, stay the hell away from the scarecrow.

BunrattyBroad said...

It would have been the perfect opportunity for Shenanny and Rawr to exact their retribution for the Great Abandonment In The City of 2012.

Unknown said...

Don't you even think that I wasn't terrified most of the night. I even made them let me sit in the front where it was harder for them to throw me out of the car.