Sunday, April 22, 2012


I've been entertaining the idea of upgrading my current laptop. It is nearly four years old, but I do think it has a lot of life left in it.

Completely unrelated information, but if my 9 ever shows up at your house and insists that she is perfectly old enough and possesses the responsibility involved in using a laptop without supervision, she would be telling a falsehood.

Mumsie recently purchased an iPad that has been intimidating her since Day 1. We are PC users. We know nothing of the Macs.

I asked Mumsie to bring her iPad down this weekend when she came to visit. She bravely let me play around on it, but I wasn't allowed to leave the room with it.

Basically, the iPad is like a gargantuan smart phone (minus the ability to make and receive calls). And it takes photos, which I love.

 Uh, it's kind of grainy for a multi-hundred dollar purchase. 
Plus, It's doing weird things to our faces. 

There really aren't any words for this, are there?
Trust me, it's creepier without her eyes blackened.

Obviously it is important, when taking photos with an iPad, to not do weird things with your mouth and to hold the pad at the correct level and distance from your face. It helps to know where to look, also.

I'm not entirely sold on using an enormous fake cell phone that doesn't have an actual keyboard.

But Mumsie sure is going to get to know her iPad while trying to figure out how to remove the wallpaper.


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