Monday, January 2, 2012

That's what I get for asking

I know, I know. You're probably amazed that I dare show my face again on this blog after the wreck that happened earlier. I think I'm just going to serial post until I feel I've got it right. Or less wrong. Either way.

I have siblings, which means I have problems (love you guys!xoxoxo). One of them suggested I write about the Hermaphroditic Properties of Amphibians. So I will. (Didn't think I'd do it, did you?)

Okay, like I know the first things about gross, slimy things that are of the he/she variety. So of course I Googled it. Um, EW? For those of you unfamiliar with Google and all of its powers, BEWARE! For instance, did you know there's this herbicide stuff out there called Atrazine? Okay, you may have heard of it. I don't watch TV or read the paper and I think even I have heard of it. Did you know that the compound pretty much causes frogs to turn into hermaphrodites? I DIDN'T! There were tests and stuff. Big words and scienc-y stuff that I didn't really get. Here's something fun; Atrazine  is present in tap water. Yeah. The water our kids drink. Worry not, citizens, for the government regulates the amount so that there is a small amount present in our liquid. Thanks. In 15 years when we have to create a new gender box on admissions papers marked "both," because little Susie Q only grew a small penis, we'll remember who was in charge.

Honestly, I got totally freaked out the further I read. I vowed never to solicit blog ideas from my brother and as I went to close the browser, this caught my eye:

It seems that all along, I've been thinking that a hermaphrodite was something other than a boot! Though that still raises some questions.

*DISCLAIMER* I'm new to the whole blog thing. Am I supposed to reference the webpage I was reading, give kudos to the link listed above or let people know that the opinions regarding Atrazine are solely mine and I was not paid to blog about it? Please don't sue me.

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Garrett Oneto said...

As the inspiration for this post I would like to apologize to all current and future readers. Wait, sounds like I'm saying I'm a hermaphrodite. No! I am the aforementioned brother... why am I telling you this? You know who I am. This is very confusing. I'm gonna go now.