Friday, January 27, 2012

Photo Smattering

The more I look at this, the weirder Elle looks. 

We had Gurken Races over the fourth of July. Mine won. Well, Elle's technically won because she picked it up and threw it down the creek.

Elle on her way to church. You can almost see to the left me on the tractor behind her except that you can't.

Elle and I mastered a gigantic freeway bridge without stopping this past summer. It inadvertently killed her which kind of sucked.

Elle and I cleared out the back shed for our parents. Elle always thinks she's so strong, but that roll of wire sure showed her!

Our finished stall. We hand-made the horse dung (with MUD, people. Ew!) in order to create a real sense of accomplishment for our kids when we made them muck the stall.

Gary shopping at Wal Mart.

They ended a sale at Penny's early. I was displeased.

This beauty regimen totally works. It's a man-repellent. 

Elle on the '46 Chevy. She likes to dress up when we hit the country.

Catching some sun and waiting for raccoons so I can make another hat.

Elle was looking for reindeer poop. She collects it.

                                           This is kind of how we get from point A to point B.

Elle in her Halloween tu-tu. The pancakes just taste better this way.

Thanksgiving at our parents house. Charlie Brown had the Great Pumpkin. We had the Turkey Bandit.

This is when we burned a Mormon. Oh, relax. Our parents are Mormon so it's okay.
(Before anyone gets offended, I will tell you that the missionary burned his own clothing as part of a tradition. We just watched and took photos)

Me, wearing Gary's flight accessories. We dressed up as each other for Halloween; I worse his Flight Suit and he wore my Burger King uniform. You think I'd have that photo, but someone recently transferred all my photos to a drive that I can't access.

I totally thought about going as Mario, but my ten year old wouldn't let me borrow his costume.

Gary practicing his Santa landing. He almost got it right.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the sneak-peek into my life. I tell ya, it was the laziest post yet and I rather enjoyed it. I'll see you all back here tomorrow with something interesting to read. Get to work because I don't like to wait.


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