Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Complaining Gets You Places. Or Money.

Hey, remember three days ago when I went on a verbal rampage and wanted to kick the ever-loving shyte out of the United States Postal Service AND Amazon because they purposefully tried to sabotage my academic career?

Remember when I literally lost sleep over it because I was stressing so bad over falling way behind in one of my classes and spent the next 24 hours kicking things around my house?

Probably not because I didn't tell anyone that. Except I guess I just did. Oh well.

On second thought, no I didn't because if I did one might think I have serious anger problems. I don't. (Shall I mention again that one of those books was for an anger management class, or is that information best kept to myself? Email me and let me know) I'm female, so I complain a lot (A LOT) and obsess non-stop about something that's bothering me until I find a solution.

It's like a math problem, really.

Emily complains about a problem to 35 people within a 50 mile radius for 6 days. If half of those people are male and half of those people are female, what sex is the leftover person?

I got distracted.

I chose the wrong number of people to complain to. 35 isn't an even number if we're splitting them in half.

Just forget about the math equation for a minute.

So after everything I ordered either showed up soaked in a questionable liquid or was cancelled by Amazon, I took myself over to a different textbook website. I searched out the textbooks I needed and was met with surprise.

Number one, they had their crap in stock. For real, not fake like Amazon.

Also, by ordering the three books I needed, I actually saved fifty bucks by using their website because their books are cheaper. AND the seller who sold me the soaking wet book offered to refund my purchase price, only I said no because it was the evil USPS who ruined it, so the seller refunded my shipping costs. Word. That seller is awesome.

See? I have a problem, I complain to everyone and I save $56.

And you men think we blabber on for no reason at all.

Joke's on you, suckas!

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