Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Giving Girl

My 6 woke up this morning talking to herself. I couldn't hear what she was saying and I was only mildly concerned when I heard a robotic response. Is it weird that I have no idea which toy was talking back to her? I mean, she didn't get any talking toys as gifts and the girls did not previously own anything like that.

Her room is catty-corner from mine and while I was folding laundry on my bed I saw her cross the hallway and leave the bathroom several times with fistfuls of tissue paper. Not toilet paper. Tissue. Like, for gift bags.

I don't keep that stuff in the bathroom, for obvious reasons. So I called out and asked her what she was doing.

"Nothing, Momma. I'm just doing this surprise."

Interesting. My 6 usually stays out of trouble, so I chose to put off my investigation until I finished the laundry.

Except then I got sidetracked editing photos of the kids over Christmas and then one thing led to another and  eventually I was on Facebook glaring at everyone's wishes for a Happy New Year and Look at My Resolutions!

(Can we just say that I'm glad the Holiday's are over and not go into why? Cool. Thanks)

My 6 entered the room holding a banged up purple gift bag with bits of tissue paper sticking out. It was tied at the top with a knotted red ribbon which had been discarded from her older sister's wrapping paper pile from her birthday two days ago (BTW, my 9 is now a 10).

Me: [eyeing the bag] What's that, Ding Dong?

My 6: [climbing up onto my bed] It's just some things I have for my sister.

Me: Really. What do you have in there? Can I look?

A nod.

I peeked inside. She had a bunch of tissue paper-wrapped items, all knotted with scraggly bows. It was the cutest thing EVER.

My 6: Only don't open them because it's for her birthday. I was sorry I missed it and now I have to make it up to her. Heh.

Me: When are you going to give this to her?

My 6: [as she hops off my bed] When she starts being nice to me. I have to go hide it from her.

Sounds like every birthday experience Elle and I ever shared.

My 6 came back into the room several minutes later with everything unwrapped so that she could show me. She had wrapped up her stuffed Beanie Baby cat (her most treasured possession), a comb, a stuffed deer and a bag of shells she had picked up at the beach last week. All of my 6's favorite things. She chose to give them to her sister.

She was smiling and very pleased with herself as she re-wrapped everything and put the bows back on, then placed the bag in the middle of the entryway so that her big sister would see it first thing as she came through the door from school.

That little stinker is just the cutest thing.

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