Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm Branching Out

I have done something terrible.

Actually, I've done all kinds of terrible things, but most recently, like within the last day, I have taken myself to Facebook and created a page for Eloquence.


Like I need another place to abuse proper punctuation and sentence structure.

Sometimes, I just want to write a sentence or two about something funny, but it's not necessarily enough to blog about.

Plus, I think everyone knows how much time I spend on Facebook anyway. (Really, I wonder if I should have created some kind of self-help page instead of taking Eloquence over there.)

Feel free to come on by and check it out. "Like" the page if you want and then you'll automatically know when I've written about some new crazy adventure I've experienced without having to type in all those letters in the web address.

Really, I'm just thinking about you.

Also? I have joined The Twitter. Uh... really I have no idea what I'm doing on that thing, but Facebook suggested it so naturally I hopped on over and made a mess of that as well.

I don't really even know how to use it.

But I think you can find me under @noeloquence

If not, meh. No big loss.

See you all over the internet, apparently.

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