Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dirty Thirty

Rawr turned 30 this week. Last night we hosted a BBQ Birthday with The League Inc. (which is fancy for us girls, their husbands and kids plus a bunch of neighborhood stragglers).

As I have been requested to not "put this shit on the internet," I will keep most of the wordy details to myself, instead sharing just the highlights.
  • Rawr drank two margaritas and spent today vomiting and sobbing. Her husband requested that we "stop doing this to her immediately."
  • I met a new neighbor for the first time when I came back to the patio and found him sitting in my chair. Shenanigan invited him, which was good, because I haven't really perfected my groin-kick yet and I was scared that I would have to use it.
  • It is entirely possible for children to consume copious amounts of watermelon and subsequently act like crackheads far into the night. Incidentally, three cupcakes each will appear to have no effect after the watermelon high.
  • 400 kabobs really can be eaten by seven adults in under 45 minutes.
  • Leftover BBQ food is so much better the next day.
  • Fair skinned red heads should totally ignore all the "pasty soul-stealing ginger" comments and not try to even out tan lines the next day as it leads to big fat ugly sunburns on the knees and shoulders which cannot be alleviated by Ocean Potion aloe vera, contrary to bottle directions.
Me (sans eyebrows & before The Burns), Elle, Shenanigan and Birthday Rawr (complete with baby)

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