Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Away

Rawr and I dropped our girls off at Girl Scout Camp this weekend.

I didn't cry.

I swear.

Okay. Maybe I got tears in my eyes, but at least I didn't bawl like the first day of Kindergarten where my daughter was too embarrassed to lay claim as my kid and the teacher tried to hug me. Whatever, lady. I could handle it. It's not like I was going to go home and bury myself in her stuffed animals and smell her clothing just to catch a scent of my baby girl.

Rawr and I totally lucked out because her husband offered to not only handle his own three remaining kids at home, but he offered to take my 11 and my 5 as well. Overnight. So we could stay at the beach and enjoy a mini vacation. That man is insane.

Of course we jumped at the chance and the four of us had a great time. I've never had the chance to spend a weekend away with a good friend so it was a pretty excellent experience all around.

Some photographic evidence:
Beach hair does not make me look my best. Even though I know this LOOKS ridiculous, please know that I was merely trying to blow the hair out of my face.

 I wonder if anyone will pick up on the fact that I didn't black out my 9's face.

 These dudes were golfing into the surf, which I found incredibly amusing. And I think they found my amusement amusing as well.

 EW. Rawr touched Sea Snails

 The girls found a huge piece of Sea Kelp and dragged it around the beach like a pet.

 Rawr made us run these. ALL EIGHTY FIVE STEPS. I hate her, I'm never speaking to her again and as soon as my thighs recover, I'm going to walk over to her house and kick her.

 Rollin' in the Hood.

 My 9 and Rawr's 10. Right before the shark attack that turned out to be a shadow.

This is why I adore the ocean

It was all very fun and Rawr's husband has informed the both of us that he will never take on that responsibility again. But I do appreciate his self-inflicted Weekend of Hell.

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Mor-Mor said...

good old neighbor dad....he is so nice. glad you had a good time. now i want to go to the beach!!