Monday, August 20, 2012

Also makes Chilean Fries. Will not break. Except it did.

More Conversations!
(I like dialogue. Maybe I'll become a screen writer. Wouldn't THAT be awesome?!)

At the Computer Fixing Store.

Me: Hey. [plunks computer case down computer and sliding laptop out] I broke this. [peering at name tag] Brett.

Brett: [with obvious distaste] What is that? [picks up edge with two fingers]

Me: It used to be a laptop.

Brett: Why is there duck tape on it?

Me: [observing laptop in its two separate pieces] It's not Duck Tape. It's Zebra Tape. Besides, it didn't exactly work. Also, it won't hold a charge, so if you move the power cord the computer shuts off.

Brett: ....

Me: Can you fix it?

Brett: Why?

Me: [wrinkling nose] Because I want you to.

Brett: Why?

Me: [scowling] Because.

Brett: You know... [tapping computer] IF we could fix... this. It would probably cost more than buying a new one. How old is this thing?

Me: A lady never reveals her age.

Brett: You gave it a gender?

Me: [blink] Well, YEAH.

Brett: I see. [slides computer back to me] I really don't think so.

Me: [staring] You won't even look at it?

Brett: [shakes head]


Brett: [folds arms]

Me: [totally not throwing a dirty look his way and stomping out of the store]

What? It's still usable.

 Whatever. THIS is what it looked like before, remember?
I would totally post a link to that blog post but I seem to have lost it. 

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