Saturday, June 2, 2012

Scissors: Ban them

Exhibit A:
Negomi. Rawr's kid. Age 4.

The other morning, my doorbell rang. Elle opened it to find Rawr and her kid standing on the porch in the rain, both wearing hoodies.

Elle: Hi. [notcing Rawr's ultra-chic angry face] Uhm...

Rawr: [firey eyes] Look at my kid. [yanks hoodie from 4s head]

Elle: [uncontrollable laughter, fits of giggles and all around dying of hysterics]

Me: [running from living room] What? WHAT ARE WE LAUGHING AT? [gasp] Oh, dear.

For this is what I saw. 

Exhibit B.
 (Kinda. This photo was taken at the zoo, a few days after The Incident)

Apparently, Negomi had spent the morning upstairs in the bathroom chopping off her hair. Notice how close she got on this side. Kind of like a shave.

I can't help but laugh every time I see this kid and we have started to call her "Jimmy," which pisses the kid off but hey, if you don't want to be called a boy, maybe you shouldn't cut your hair like one.

I've been having a pretty rough week. This? Kind of helped. Thanks, kid, for taking one for the team.

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