Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rustic Charm

Last night, I decided that instead of hanging out in the now-empty neighborhood for the first weekend of summer vacation, I would pile the kids in the car and head off to Mumsie's. Again.

I woke the kids up at 7am, hauled them into the car without breakfast and took off through the pouring rain for a two hour car ride.

Whereupon I spent a fair amount of time listening to "Why didn't you feed us, Mom? I'm tired. Can we stop at McDonald's for a soda? When are we going to be there? How come they keep playing Somebody That I Used to Know over and over on the radio? Did you bring anything to do?"

Riiight. Let's just gloss over the fact that I grabbed fruit for breakfast but they refused to eat it, and not only is drinking soda in my house a no-no, it is ESPECIALLY SO AT EIGHT IN THE MORNING, I don't know and I AM DRIVING THE CAR so figure out a way to occupy yourselves, Spawns.

That was an awesome sentence. The structure and changing of point-of-view is the best.


Along the second stretch of road to Mumsie's house are many places where I always want to pull over and snap a few pictures. The treeline is gorgeous, there are tons of old barns and horses and flowers and country-type things that always make me appreciate God's country.

Vomit-inducing moment is now over. Let us continue.

Since it was early and we pretty much had no agenda once we reached Mumsie's, I decided to pull over at various spots and explore my creative side.

And then share them with you, Peeps. Because I care about your visual stimulation.

My 5 absolutely adores this place. She calls it The Witch House. Can't imagine why.

And then there's this little plot of land that I just love. Every time we drive by I daydream about living there. It's for sale, has 71 acres and I can just see my kids running free in the fields, my mom's stupidly-skittish golden retriever racing between them, tripping them all and possibly causing broken bones. The house could use a little work, but I'm actually pretty handy, if you do recall, so I'm sure I could have it in working order within a very short period of time.

SWEET, right?? And with the shreds of blue plastic stuck to the roof, we're already partially decorated for the 4th of July! Plenty of light, cross-ventilation and it has that rustic feel.

And what's even better, there's a barn on the property. After otally ignoring the DANGER, Do Not Enter signs posted, I stepped closer to get some shots of the inside, but I tripped over a rubber tractor tire hidden in the weeds and fell, so I gave up.

Here's the barn. Also in fantastic shape.

Gorgeous, right? Could use a little paint. Maybe replace a few boards. Lipstick and rouge, peeps. Lipstick and rouge.

And just for kicks, another view of the house, a bit closer.

This is truly a Crafter's dream.

I'm thinking we could hang out in the barn until the house is move-in ready.

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