Thursday, June 12, 2014

Too much time on my hands. Who knew?

My kids have one more week of school. They're super excited because they get to spend several weeks two states away with their dad.

I'm super excited because they get to spend several weeks driving someone else nuts.

I figure my excitement will last about 48 hours and then I'll probably spiral into a weird vortex of "this is summer, where are my kids, what do I do with all this time, HEY LET'S PAINT EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE!"

I get a little anxious when I'm feeling unsettled.

Exhibit A:
Jay is out of town this week on business. Coincidentally, I'm off work this week. Why didn't I tag along? Because my kids are free range and can't be trusted. Also, it's not that kind of job where you tag along. Intrigued? Good. We're moving on.

On Monday I got this huge burst of energy. I ran about a bazillion errands, cleaned the entire house, raked the backyard, did 87 loads of laundry and then finished Season 8 of Weeds. Got take-out for dinner (a treat we rarely indulge upon). Smiled to self. Success.

Aaaaaaaaaand then Tuesday rolled around.

Bored. Kids went to school. Walked the dog. Wandered around the house looking at the walls. Bored. Missed Jay. Missed the kids. Missed noise. Missed work. Contemplated whining to Jay while we spoke on the phone that I was lonely. Stopped just in time and instead slapped my own face while silently demanding that I man the eff up and be a woman about things. Realized how retarded that was, started new series on Netflix. Made 7 stop dressing up in the 10 cent wig from last summer's yard sale next door.
That's her Old Lady Who Smells Bad Things look.

Wednesday: repeat. Only this time it was the 11 in the wig.

Mother. Look at me. Am I gorgeous? 
No. Take that off. 
Make me.

Thursday: realize I should have spaced out responsibilities so that I had something to do rather than walk the dog and window shop for 5 days. Talked to my Bestie from another Testie for like, 6 hours, until I got a call from the 7's school. She ripped open her elbow and needed medical care. Sweet! I mean. Oh. Something to do!

Life will return to normal tomorrow. In the mean time, I'll be in the crawl space with the vacuum. After I blast for spiders.

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Mor-Mor said...

The wig is fantastic. 'Bout time we hear from you!