Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shantytown. And Angry birds.


Spent the weekend in Eastern Washington attending a three-night concert for the Dave Matthews Band..

Yeah. Ugly as all get-out over there, and dry. And effing cold at night, but about a thousand degrees once the sun hit the tent. I felt a little bit like I was going to die of exposure over the weekend and I'm not going to lie- I was kind of hoping I would.

I mean, I like DMB and all (because I have two brothers who can take me out in about three seconds flat if I say otherwise), but if any of you saw my Facebook status on Thursday, you know I entered into that trip with a real winner of an attitude.

I didn't really lose the attitude, either. I tried Sips, I tried dumb games, I made fun of people. I even tried to smile (bad idea without chapstick).

I could give you a run down. It went like this:

Went to sleep. Woke up. Didn't do crap all day. Went to concert. Came back. Fell asleep in sub-zero temps. Woke up. Repeat. ALL WEEKEND LONG. The End.


My attitude, not really the weekend. Everyone else had fun. I'm pretty sure I'm the one responsible for my mediocre experience.

I did snap a few photos, though. Can't just sit in a camp chair and stare into the sun for the entire day.

 Raise the roof. Erm, tent. This was important, as it was about 15 degrees outside. 

 Naturally, we needed a light. How else were we going to hang it up?

I guess my ass is good for something after all. The tent was mildly difficult to set up, but we got it together (no photographic proof, though)

The next morning, the sun rose on Shanty Town, which turned our tent into a Gas Furnace. 

Looking for our campsite? Take a left at the giant Blow-Up Doll. We named her Stephanie.)

Someone didn't hydrate.  Booze and water definitely need to flock together.

We ran out of things to do, so I opened a salon. This was what started It. The Hair Fight.

Blogz wanted in on the action and was, apparently, displeased with the results. 
CLICK HERE to see his revenge. 

Warm Arbor Mist, anyone? I didn't think so. 

Blogz kinda had to pat Gary down after that action. 

After a day of drinking the warm Mist, we headed out to the concert. 
Oh, hey, look. Mumsie and her favorite kid. Yay.

Boyd and Dave rockin' out. 

I wish I was able to let you in on what I said to Mumsie, but I had a few beers and I actually can't remember. But it looks like it had quite the effect on her, right?

We met some new friends after they invited themselves into our group photo.

The next day, I became bored so I started taking photos of grass.

 Dangerous game. You pull a block and have to do what it says. We may have taken the initiative to write down a bunch of our own, ie: Hit your sister and Streak the neighboring Campsite

Gary got tired of people wandering through our camp, so he set himself up with the staff and became Gandolf Gary.

 Later the second day, at the second concert: They was a smart group. Yup.

 I believe Blogz and I almost got into a heated thrown down, MMA style. Luckily, I didn't have to kill him.
I do believe this was my favorite photo of my brother engaging in Dance at the concert. 

 Pay special attention to Elle's face.

Then I discovered I had alien blood instead of red blood. Except later I found out my glow stick was leaking and they asked me to stop wiping it on people and yelling Gingers vs. Humans.

 Um, does this remind anyone else of anything? I told Elle that is the sea of people started disappearing into boxcars, I was jumping the fence and getting the hell out of there. 

 Elle brought paper lanterns...
 ... that I seriously thought would catch my tent on fire. But they didn't.

 Random guy who would spend the weekend yelling "BLUE BIRD!" while running through camps.

 Gary and I passing the time with some PVC pipe we found (I totally lost this game. Gary later broke the pipe and tried to kill Blogz)

We spent a short time on The Island before getting voted off.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Face. Don't drink that stuff. Ever. 

 I liked this guy. He was honest. I did not give him a ticket. Or food. But I did smile.

Things you do when you drink:

 Uh, apparently I am very cooperative when I've had a few. I guess I'll do something like throw a West Side gang sing when I live on the EAST SIDE.
Blogz was the one who made me.

Would I go next year? Mm, probably not. I'm too old for this stuff.


Nah, that's about right.

I'm old.



Gary said...

There are many things this blog makes me want to say. First, I'm sad that you didn't really enjoy yourself. Second, your photos make me look like some kind of booze fueled maniac. Since that's fairly close to the truth, I'll let it slide. And third, someone hand me a beer!

Unknown said...

I tolerated my own attitude, which left little room for enjoyment. And I left out a whole lot of other photos of you boozing it up, Gary. And some of me. But ladies never show themselves guzzling Arbor Mist out of a gallon jug.

The Great and Powerful Blogz said...


Also, I'm stealing some of your photos.

Also also, I feel like Stephanie didn't really love us.

Unknown said...

During the hair incident? I don't know.

I charge $17 per photo.