Sunday, March 11, 2012

Resolution Time

Today, March 11, 2012 I vow to make a change.

I will stop saying things like "swearsies" and then breaking promises.

I also vow to drink more water. My head is killing me today.

No matter. How much brain power could it possibly take to maintain chaos?

Tonight Elle, Gary and I are going to see Flogging Molly. This is my first time seeing them in concert and I'm pretty excited.

I'm kind of relieved that Shenanigan and Rawr won't be joining us. I think they're both still pretty pissed about Elle and I losing them in the city last night.

And if you'll excuse me and my lame blog post, Rawr needs my Birthday Helper Skillz at her house.

I told you this was going to happen. Lame posting was expected.

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