Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Winter Coat?

Conversation between the 10 and the 6 this morning while they were making their school lunches:

6: There's this girl in my class with like, REALLY hairy arms. She touched me on accident and I was like, GIRL. You need to shave those things!

10: That's not very nice... Even if it's a little funny.

6: Neither is being scratched by a saski.

Me: (rushing into the kitchen with my toothbrush hanging out of my mouth, still in my pajamas, hair all wild and falling out of a ponytail. You're welcome for that mental image) WHOA! Stop right there. Let's talk about ethnicity and things people can't help.

Except it came out more like, Hrr. Stop rut thur. Less' talk about ef-nithity and things purple kint herp.

6: It's not her ethnicity, it's her arms. They're really scratchy, but that's okay because she's nice and I like her anyway.

10: Last year, there was a kid in my class who had really bushy eyebrows. Sometimes they would get stuck in his hair.

Me: (pausing to let that image sink in) Really?

10: Yeah.

Me: Wow.

6: I put Petey in the toy bin because he left hair on my bed. What if PETEY HAD NO HAIR, MOMMA?

Me: (turning to 10) Hide the clippers.

Happy Tuesday!

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