Sunday, July 22, 2012

Not-so made over

About a month ago, I won a gift certificate to a local salon. Which was pretty cool because who doesn't love free stuff? With the certificate came some salon-quality shampoo that turned out not to be so cool because after using it for a few days, I thought I had lice due to the fact that I could not stop scratching my itchy scalp. I KNOW. Everyone gets lice sooner or later, and you aren't dirty if you have it, yadda yadda BUT GROSS.

I did not have lice. I had a sensitivity to the shampoo that cleared up after I stopped using it and went back to my regular brand.

BTW, it's still in my shower if anyone wants it. Use at your own risk.

Maybe I should let y'all know that I'm not always punctual when it comes to trims and haircuts and the like. I don't color my hair because I actually like my natural color of Faded-Reddish-Gold. Sometimes people pay money for a color like mine and you know what I said before- I love freebies.

Plus, in high school, I once dyed my hair brown and spent a few months being referred to as Shit Head by my brothers.

Anyway, I finally made an appointment at the salon to get my Hair Did.

I'm one of those people who hem and haw over big decisions like altering their appearance. I've been trying to grown my hair out, so I thought about just getting a trim. OR. I could totally cut it all off and dye it neon yellow. But then none of my clothes would go with my new hair, so I would have to change out my entire wardrobe and that's just too spendy.

Naturally, when I sat in the hair dressers chair, I was able to convey my wishes without any mis-communication.

Sally: [running her hands through my hair] So, what are we doing today?

Me: [dying because I absolutely love it when people play with my hair]

Sally: Yo. [snaps fingers] Are you awake?

Me: [jumps] Oh, Yes. Right. I dunno. Trim? Style? I'm at your mercy. It needs... something. I just don't know what. You tell me what you think and I'll say yes or no.

Sally: [visibly resisting the urge to wrap her fingers around my neck and snap it] Okay. [narrows eyes]

I'm pretty sure at that point Sally wanted to beat me with her blow dryer and bury my body in an unmarked grave, but luckily I recognized the murderous rage in her eyes and saved myself.

Me: Or we could just shape it since I want to grow it out, smooth my bangs a little and call it a day.

Sally: Much better. You know, I almost had to hit you.

Me: [shrug] I know. I could see it in your eyes.

Sally switched gears and did the whole prep-thing that they do until suddenly, I saw a weird gleam in her eyes.

Which made me nervous.

Sally: You know. I saw this one redhead who did this whole color thing which would look GREAT ON YOU!

Me: [nervous] Oh.

Sally: She had blue eyes to and it really made them POP.

Me: [wondering if, due to our previous conversation, Sally was for-shadowing my blue-eye's demise]...

Sally: I just want to add a deeper color to your hair.

Me: I don't want to color my hair.

Sally: NO. Like, HIGHLIGHTS! [gasps] You'll love it!

Me: [considering what Sally would do to me if I told her no] Ah, to hell with it. Sure. Why not?

Why not? WHY NOT? Because I was afraid Sally was going to buzz my head if I disagreed. Also, I tend to get a little nervous with things involving hair dye and my head.

Because after that one time I dyed my hair poop-brown in high school, I tried to dye it back, only my hair came out maroon and I cried for a week.

I just took a deep breath, said a prayer for my soul, and let Sally do what she wanted.

And the result was pretty alright, peeps.

You can't even really tell I did anything to my hair which some may call a waste. I call it safe. Best of all, I ended up loving Sally and from now on I will go to her for all my indecisive hair needs.

For your viewing pleasure, I am posting my Fab Facebook Bathroom Photo. Because everyone needs to post a photo like this at some point or another.

Actually, I was trying to get the top of my head but seriously? you have to like, stand upside down to do that so this is what happened instead.

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