Monday, January 2, 2012

Great. Look what's happened now.

I'm the kind of person who rolls with the punches, goes with the flow, kind of mellow. Bahaha! No, I'm totally not. I like to control things and if something doesn't go the way I imagined it to, I get a bit flustered (read: I want to yell and throw a fit, much like my 3 year-old niece).

Yesterday, when I was trying to set up my blogger account, I was having trouble getting the settings to apply to the page. I clicked, I double clicked... I clicked the frick out of the keyboard until I wanted to toss the whole thing across the room. Rest easy, I controlled myself (see previous reference of my need to control EVERYTHING). Then our kitten jumped up on the keyboard to see what all the fuss was about. I put him down. He jumped up. I returned him to the floor. He came back. This little game went on for about 2 more minutes before I found myself retracting my earlier thought of tossing the computer to the floor, but this time I was eyeing the cat. Seriously? The thing sleeps all day and he's cute and cuddly and everything, but the minute I turn to this electronic box he's suddenly hyper-aware and needs to attack my fingers?? I ended up locking him in one of the kids' bedrooms (take that!) and after a few more attempts to change the overall layout, I turned to my go-to place where all info is at my fingertips.

No, not Google. Facebook! Well, I need new friends because no one on there knew (or cared) that what I was doing (or trying to do) was making me want to bomb something. I almost junked the whole thing for the night until a friend of mine wrote back that she was able to set up an account just then and it was relatively easy. WHAT. Overachiever. Fine. So I kept at it. FINALLY, after closing the browser, restarting the computer and sending up a few prayers, the thing loaded and everything worked (thanks, God! Bill Gates...whatever). I posted, life went on, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Then today, I get a message from that same Overachieving Tech Savvy friend saying she's looking forward to more posts from me. I think she wants me dead. She's forced encouraged me to make a resolution for 2012; to hold myself accountable for things I start. I should probably mention that she's the same friend who called me right away when I told her I was thinking about going back to school so that she could load my brain with info about how to go about doing it, since I never finished college (you never guessed? The girl who over-uses parentheses, and, commas? You might want to go back to school, too. Want to sit next to me? I don't cheat but I do pass funny notes about other people). She knows me pretty well and recognizes (and verbalizes!) my need for constant motivation to stay focused on a new task (which kind of pissed me off, but only because it's the one thing I hate about myself). I'm not flaky, per se, but if I see something shiny, I'm gone. (<-- OMG I'm a total flake. Crap!) So, in honor of 2012 and my friend (jerk) I've decided to keep this Blog alive and to post often. At least until I figure out how to make the background shiny.

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